Oklahoma Red Dirt Artwork TM

About Oklahoma Red Dirt Artwork TM Having been born and raised in Miami, Oklahoma, I was accustomed to rich, dark brown soil. After moving to Norman in 1981, to attend the University of Oklahoma for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, the red clay soil stunned me. My first question was, "How do farmers grow anything in that?" My next question quickly became, "How do I wash it out of my socks?" In 1992, as I was driving to my home in Wheatland, a sign caught my eye. "Red Dirt Excavation" turned into "Oklahoma Red Dirt Artwork" in my mind's eye. Then my question was, "OK God, what do you want me to do with that?

Remembering how well the red soil stained my socks, I set out to draw and paint with it. The next two years were spent researching and developing a process to turn raw earth into workable pastel sticks, watercolor, and oil paint. My first attempts at pastel sticks were less than successful. The pigment particles were simply too large and would not stick to the paper. The solution to the problem came in the form of a memory of something I learned in science class as an elementary student. That solution is now the secret element in the eleven step process used to create Oklahoma Red Dirt Artwork. Since 1994, I have been drawing and painting using genuine Oklahoma red clay soil. Now I appreciate it's staining ability and hope that this story will inspire school children to pay attention in class and to never stop learning. It is also my prayer for everyone to know that, with God, even something as common as dirt can become something beautiful.

Sycamore Leaf - Red Dirt Watercolor

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