Monday, January 8, 2018

Where to buy Bitcoin

If you have ever been interested in purchasing digital currency, take some time to research it. I did and so wish I had bought some Bitcoin 5 years ago. I'd be sitting pretty now as the price has gone up astronomically. No worries though. If you buy now, like I did, the price is still expected to double by the end of the year and only continue to grow for the next 10 years at least. Coinbase is the platform I am using and I must say their security measures are as good as any bank. It's just not backed by the federal government. I wouldn't put my entire savings into it buy it is well worth investing some for the opportunity of high gains.

I know we are all looking for ways to make more money. Six months ago, I invested $250 in Bitcoin and Etherium. Today it is worth $1,460. I can't predict what the market will do in the future but it has been good to me. If you use my link to set up your own account, with the first $100 you invest, we will each get $10 free. Do your own research and only invest what you may be comfortable losing.