Thursday, December 17, 2015

Color Your Own Children's Book Sammy the Silent Songbird

When I wrote and illustrated my children's book, Sammy the Silent Songbird, I had so much fun coloring it that I thought, why should I get to have all the fun? So, I turned it into an adult coloring book.

Unique among adult coloring books, Color Your Own Children’s Book: Sammy the Silent Songbird, allows the colorist to relax and enjoy the stress relieving benefits of coloring while creating a one of a kind gift for any special child. The cover has a matte finish which can also be colored. The title page includes “Colored by” and “Presented to” blanks for personalization. Imagine the look of joy on your child’s or grandchild’s face when they see that you took the time to color this beautiful story book for them. Sammy the Silent Songbird tells the story of a little wren who was born without the ability to sing. Little Crow teases Sammy who then withdraws to the safety of his nest. It is during this time of solitude that Sammy discovers his special gift. Seeking safety from a frightening storm, the same birds who teased him soon are amazed and admiring of Sammy and his ability. Rather than being resentful, Sammy happily shares his talent with Little Crow and all the little birds.

Illustrations are in greyscale. Colored pencils, eye shadow, and other dry media are recommended for coloring.