Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Amazon Changes Rules Regarding Coloring Pages eBooks

Apparently, Amazon has changed their rules and no longer allow the publication of eBooks that are intended for coloring via a link to downloadable pages or the taking of a screen shot. They have removed six of my "Ready To Color" eBooks with the following explanation.

"During a quality assurance review of your KDP catalog we found that the following book(s) you have published are intended to be interactive but require additional resources aside from a Kindle device or Kindle application (phone/Mac/PC). The game or app experience must work entirely inside the Kindle reader, without the use of the browser or manual work such as a copy machine or screen capture program. As a result, the following books have been removed from sale in the Kindle store.

Title name:Ready To Color Animals Coloring eBook (Ready To Color Coloring eBook 1) (ASIN:B007P4XAU6)
Title name:Ready To Color People Coloring eBook (Ready To Color Coloring eBook 2) (ASIN:B007P5KLES)
Title name:Ready To Color Doodles Coloring eBook (Ready To Color Coloring eBook 3) (ASIN:B007RFRVMG)
Title name:Ready To Color Landscapes Coloring eBook (Ready To Color Coloring eBook 4) (ASIN:B007SNW1F4)
Title name:Ready To Color Flowers Coloring eBook (Ready To Color Coloring eBook 5) (ASIN:B00872OHO8)
Title name:Ready To Color Birds and Flowers Coloring eBook (Ready To Color Coloring eBook 6) (ASIN:B00C0FOVBM)

If you are interested in providing games or other interactive content, please consider applying for our Kindle Active Content program:*Version*=1&*entries*=0"

I make no judgement on their decision. From what I gather, people have to go to too much trouble to print from an eBook and some others don't work at all or are not compatible with all devices. I will rework my eBooks and publish them as printed books.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I had always leaned away from the idea of using Kindle or other ebook platforms for my down loadable coloring books. This just reinforces my own feelings about that decision.

  2. I guess I had better take down the one I just published to Kindle last night,

    1. Probably a good idea. I'm sure they will get around to notifying everyone in time. You could sell it as a downloadable pdf on Etsy.