Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Truth of Turning Off Pen Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Note

When I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2 tablet I actually thought I was getting the note version with pen pressure. Apparently, I clicked on the wrong button at some point in the purchasing procedure. Well, I kept the tab and downloaded several drawing apps from the Google Play Store. I really enjoyed them but still had that craving for pen pressure sensitivity. Biting the bullet, I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2.

Now, I could have sold the tab but I decided to keep it for watching Netflix, web surfing, checking e-mail and use the note strictly for doing digital drawings and paintings. The note is awesome for use with apps such as Artrage, Sketchbook Pro, Scribmaster, etc.

When I started using vector programs on it to do coloring book pages, I found that I needed a way to turn off the pen pressure sensitivity in order to get uniform lines. Why don't I just use the Galaxy Tab for that, you may ask. The answer is, the tab uses a conventional stylus and it is nearly impossible to start and stop a line in the exact spot you want it to. I haven't completely solved this problem of getting the S pen to produce uniform lines but I seem to get the best results when using the Scribmaster app. If any of you have found a good way to deal with this problem, please post a comment. Here are links to the articles I found most useful in my quest to find the truth of turning off pen pressure on Samsung Galaxy Note.

Android Central Forums

Some of their suggestions were beyond my bravery factor. Implement them at your own risk and let me know about your results.

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