Thursday, May 21, 2015

Announcing: Adult Coloring Books

My latest book is now available on Amazon. It's an adult coloring book full of flowers, animals, birds, and still lifes. Coloring has become popular among busy grown ups as well as the elderly. It's a great stress reliever and quite relaxing. I wanted to do a different take on the coloring experience so I added values and shading to my line drawings. That allows the colorist to create depth and volume to the drawing by using darker shades of the main colors in the places that are darker in the drawing. You can see this effect in the example page from the book below.

I am working on the second volume of this series now. To see this first one, look on the left side of this blog and click on the picture of it. Let me know if you have suggestions for subjects and themes in future volumes. I published this one through Blurb Books because their templates are so easy to use but I may try Amazon for the next one to see if their cost is any lower. Hope everyone enjoys my Relax in the Shade coloring books.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Do You Watch The Bachelorette?

I've watched every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette since it began. At the end of each season I tell myself I will not watch it next time. After a long day of editing images for my next book, I turned on the TV and, guess what? The Bachelorette. Yep, they sucked me in again. A few minutes is all it takes and now I'm doomed to watch it all the way through to the final rose. Oh, well. There are worse things I could be doing. Beautiful nightgowns, handsome men, exotic places, not a bad way to spend my evenings. Only thing is, I think they should have a seniors version of the show. Why should young people get to have all the fun? Who's with me on this?