Monday, December 8, 2014

Do You Need a Bargain Website, Shopping Cart, Blog?

As an artist, crafter, author, photographer, or anyone who needs to promote their work, wouldn't it be great to have a low cost website with the ability to offer a shopping cart for services, digital downloads, and physical products? Wouldn't it be even better to have a blog with it and only have to sign in once to work on your website, add new products, post to your blog? Well, I have found a way to do all that and more. Click on the link to see the website I am building for myself. It's a work in progress as I will be adding more products and services soon.

121hub is a personal branding and web design site. We help YOU build AWESOME websites.

Each new member gets 2 awesome websites they can design themselves with our easy kind of- plug and play- type design system.  Once you input your information and images you can select a website “theme” from our theme shop and with a few clicks you will see your site LIVE within minutes.  Don’t like it?  NO PROBLEM! Change your whole site look with just a few more clicks.

Our Theme store has great themes to choose from, and we are adding 2 new themes you can select from EACH WEEK!  And the best thing. You can change as many times as you’d like.. No extra charge!

ALSO:  our storefronts…. We don’t take any listing or sales fees! Unlike some other guys who are always reaching in your pocket… WE LOVE ARTISTS AND ARTISANS... CREATIVE TYPES and ANYONE who is trying to earn their living from the sweat of their own brow…. Earn your money… We only want to make it easier for you to do so, and Easier for people to FIND YOU!

We have only one priority.  It is now what it was at the beginning, and it will always remain the same - serving the members and making them MORE SUCCESSFUL… and, OUR FOUNDERS are smart enough to do it.  (FUN FACT: they already know how!)

Here are some more facts to think about.

       Founding Members
       1 – 5,000
       Original Hand Stamped Founding Member Coin
       Two Awesome Websites
       Two online stores
       Online Resume
       Designer printed resume (constantly updated as the site is managed) Q1 2015
       Search Engine Optimization
       Your Own Permanent Address on the web

Finally: If you aren’t computer savvy, we have THE BEST customer service around.  We have web design concierges who can help you with anything from getting your web design complete to custom logo and banner design to social media marketing. 

If you want to check out some videos: See them here at:

If at any time you want to cancel your membership, you can and get a refund for unused membership fees.

To sign up and log in, please go to
Once you log in you’ll see our dashboard
Click on the Hammer to get to your Work Website side and the Heart to get to the Play Website side. 

Here's a short to do list:
Tanya Provines
121hub Concierge
See you at the hub!