Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why My Son Is My Hero

When I was six months pregnant with my son he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. It's a condition where there is a blockage in the ventricles in the brain that cause spinal fluid to build inside the brain. When they did an MRI it looked as if there was no brain at all inside his skull. The spinal fluid was pushing his brain against his skull. They stuck a long needle through my belly and drew off a long syringe full of spinal fluid from his brain. The doctors told me he might not make it to delivery and would have to live in an institution, be tube fed, never walk, never talk, etc. They said I was too far along to have him aborted in Oklahoma but I could go to Kansas and have it done and no one would blame me. I knew God would blame me so it was not an option. The first thing I said to the doctor was, "would you like to come to his high school graduation?" The doctor told me not to get my hopes up. I said, "hope is all I have and I serve a greater God than this." I named my son "David" because I knew he would have to face many Goliaths in his life.

David was born, despite the OB leaving me in labor even though the monitor clearly showed that David wasn't getting enough oxygen. He was blue by the time they finally delivered him by caesarian. When he was 10 days old they did surgery and put in a shunt to drain the spinal fluid from his brain to his abdomen where it could be reabsorbed. That was 17 years ago. Many hours of various kinds of therapy have helped him develop. David is walking. He has won medals in Special Olympics for running. He feeds himself and eats anything put in front of him. He is in the multi-handicapped class in school and has to take anti-seizure medicine. Despite his problems he is never without a smile for the people he meets. His speech is very limited but he communicates exactly how he feels in other ways. He's smart and curious and learns quickly when motivated. He never feels sorry for himself or complains or takes offense. When something is difficult for him he just keeps trying until he gets it. David may not be "normal" but I wish more people were as brave and persistent and loving as he is.

David will graduate from high school this fall. I wish I could send that doctor an invitation. Every day, my son inspires me to be a better person and he reminds me to look at what I have and what I can accomplish instead of dwelling on what I don't have. I thank God for considering me worthy to raise this special young man. I don't know if I could have made it through this experience without my faith in God and his goodness. Looking back on it, I know now that there were many things in my life that were done in preparation for this. One of the most important was writing this book. If you don't know God, and understand the way the kingdom of God works, I invite you to read the book that helped me to have the strength to raise my hero, David.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Computer

Voc. Rehab. has new funding for the new fiscal year. I should be getting my new computer with Adobe CS5 very soon. I had pretty much given up hope when they told me they couldn't find my paperwork and the program was out of money but my caseworker called last week to give me the good news!

Saturday, July 2, 2011