Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christ's Messages To The Churches

After giving her life to Christ, in 1990, Tanya Provines began visiting Christian churches, of various denominations. She was searching for today's equivalent of the church of Philadelphia. It is the only church, in the book of Revelation, that God could find no fault with.

The doctrine of each visited church was compared with bible scripture. This research led her to an in-depth study of Revelation, Chapters 1-3. The study included almost every book of the bible, and many other resources. As an artist, she incorporated drawing, and painting, in her quest to find "the right church" to attend.

What started as a personal journey, culminated in Christ's Messages To The Churches, with 11 original illustrations, and artist's notes. Her conclusion was that today's church of Philadelphia isn't one church, or even one denomination. Rather, it is made up of individual people who attend church in various places, some in large congregations and others in small groups. What is most important is a personal relationship, and fellowship, with God through Christ.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Computer

Voc. Rehab. finally ordered my new computer with Adobe CS5. It should be here in 4 to 6 weeks. I am very excited and ready to get up to speed on it. Being able to fulfill my client's vision in the file version they need will be a big boost for my business. Voc. Rehab. may have been slow, but having a computer custom built for me and my business, with thousands of dollars in software, makes being a diabetic almost worth it. I still pray for a cure someday but in the meantime, I am eternally grateful to the people at Voc. Rehab. who work so hard to allow those of us who are mentally or physically limited, in various ways, to reach our full potential. Hats off and many thanks to all of them.